A few last minute rooms available – first come first served!

Are you sad you or your friend missed the accommodation deadline? BiCon 2018 has a FEW extra rooms available which we're selling first come first served!

To minimise work you MUST pay in full by Paypal within 24hr of booking these rooms.

There is no access fund help for these rooms, and all are on upper floors reachable by lift in the BiCon only accommodation block. We can't guarantee to put you near your friends who've already booked, but if two new people book together we can put them next to each other.

Book at https://bookings.bicon.org.uk/

Residential bookings are now closed

Thanks to everyone who's booked for BiCon so far. The final deadline has passed and you can no longer book on site accommodation at BiCon. However you CAN still book day and weekend tickets, so please do! We will be taking advance bookings up to 31st July and after that you can still turn up on the day and pay in cash.

In the next 2-3 days we will be sending an email to everyone who's booked with some details about registration, and we will be sending another at the start of July with your room details and other instructions.

BiCon cannot afford to pay for rooms which are not paid for by attenders, so In a very small number of cases we will cancel people's bookings because we have had no payment or responses to our emails to them. We will send a final email to everyone affected by this. Please contact us if this is you – even if it's just to say you can't come to BiCon after all – we much prefer to hear from you than to keep sending emails that don't get answered.

You may also need to contact us if:-

  • You haven't finished paying for your BiCon
  • You have anything you need to sort out with the Access Fund
  • You have to sort out a session you are running
  • You have access needs you haven't told us about
  • You want to tell us about your flat sharing preferences.

If any of these apply to you please do check your spam for missed messages and mail us as soon as possible.

Off site accommodation
The BiCon venue is reasonably close to several hotels and guesthouses. We can't advise you about them or book them for you, but you can easily find them online. Plenty of people at BiCon stay off site, either because they live nearby or they prefer a different kind of accommodation, so you won't be alone. If you have ideas about nearby accommodation do share them on our facebook page or in the attenders group.

One week to go! Book your accommodation NOW!

Times marches on and there is now only ONE WEEK before the accommodation deadline for BiCon. This means you have to have BOOKED AND PAID by 13th June or you don't get a bedroom. As you may be able to tell this is the time when your lovely BiCon team get super stressed, so be kind and patient with us and do book as soon as possible if you're going to.

Other things to do as soon as possible are:-

  • Let us know your flat sharing preferences. See this post for more details of that, but basically we need you to email 2018@bicon.org.uk with any requests.
  • Remind your friends to book by the deadline (especially if you want to share a flat with them!)
  • Reply to us if we have contacted you about the Access fund or the BME bursary fund or asked you about your Access needs or anything else
  • Check your spam if you don't think we've contacted you but should have, and if that fails email 2018@bicon.org.uk and ask about whatever it was
  • Keep up with paying your instalments if you have agreed an instalment plan with us
  • Let us know straight away if there are any problems with your booking, especially including not being able to pay by the deadline

And to the people who have done these things already THANK YOU – it all makes life so much easier for the volunteers who make BiCon happen!