About BiCon

BiCon is a three-day annual convention and/or conference, and the biggest UK gathering of hundreds of bisexuals, their friends, partners and anyone with a positive interest in bisexuality.

It has aspects of both a convention (with dressing up, socialising, fun sessions, dancing and board games) and a conference (with more serious workshop sessions about anything and everything, from activism to board gaming and sci-fi to being bi in the workplace), as well as several safe spaces for various groups of attendees.

BiCon moves around different towns and cities in the UK each year, with passes available on a sliding scale dependent on income, in an effort to be as accessible to all as it possibly can be. We also have the Access Fund, which can help meet the costs for attendees who need an extra hand for whatever reason.

2018's event will be held at University of Salford in the north west of England, from Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th August 2018.