Aims and values

BiCon 2018 aims to create an event that celebrates bisexuality and gives bisexual people and our allies a chance to connect and share our experiences and skills with each other. We also want to have fun, make friends and be ourselves.

We value the diversity of bisexual people, and aim to be as inclusive as possible of all our many different needs and desires. This is not always easy or possible, but we strive to do the best we can.

In order to do all of the above we are taking proactive steps on access and equality, and have a Code of Conduct.

BiCon 2018 is run by volunteers, and we will value your input and assistance should you wish to be part of the team or want to contact us.

We respect and value the privacy and confidentiality of our attendees and team, and we aim to make all of the above clear to all involved with or attending BiCon 2018. We also trust that our attendees will help us to make the event as inclusive, accessible and enjoyable as possible for all. Should you experience any difficulties or notice anyone else experiencing difficulties please contact us.