Meet the team

BiCon is run entirely by volunteers. The team for 2018 are:

Katie is our team leader and the chatterbox behind most of our social media. They've been to BiCon enough times to stop counting, and they were a team member in 2013, and a part of the Listening Team from 2015-2017.

Charley is the accessibility bod and will be working to make BiCon as accessible as possible. Their first BiCon was 2014 and they've never been on a team before, but they've been working around accessibility issues for over a decade as a disabled person and a family carer.

Elizabeth is in charge of scheduling workshops. They have been to BiCon every year since 2010, and were a team member previously in 2013.

Jude is a bad asexual who knows enough advanced stringplay to survive the zombie apocalypse. She is responsible for the human sudoku part of bookings, and apparently "doesn't act like a cis person".

Matt is handling finance. They have been coming to BiCon for many years and have been on two BiCon teams previously, most recently in 2004.

ISO Diversity Co-ordinator…

We are actively seeking a team member to take on the role of Diversity Co-ordinator. We believe it would be the first time BiCon has someone dedicated to this, so although we haven't figured out exactly what's involved at this stage, it does mean that whoever takes it on has a lot of freedom to make magic happen!

Our team is already pretty diverse – between the five of us, we are queer, non-binary/genderqueer/trans, disabled, and/or neurodiverse, amongst other things! However, we are very conscious of the issues that have been raised by people of colour (POC) attending BiCon, and that as the team currently stands, all members live with white privilege. This means we would be especially welcoming of people identifying as POC interested in this role.

If you'd like to talk to us about the role, drop us an email at!