My First BiCon

Here’s what some BiCon first-timers from years past have had to say:

“Friends persuaded me to attend my first BiCon, telling me that the parties were good and some of the discussions might be interesting too. I was extremely nervous and wondering why on earth I’d want to spend this time with people I only had bisexuality in common with. Meeting people I knew in the registration line helped. I was welcomed in to dinner in one of the flats. I had many conversations that made me want to repeatedly say “Yes, I think that too!” I had more thoughts and connections than would reasonably fit in just a few days. By the end I was tired and happy, feeling like this was home and already knowing I’d miss my new friends whom I felt I’d known for years, not days.”

“I was overwhelmed by the unconventional appearance and dress of many of the attendees and thought I would never fit in, that I couldn’t be as pretty or as outrageous… and that I needed to raid vintage clothing and/or fetish shops to stand a chance. Gradually over the weekend I began to feel that actually it wasn’t necessary, that most people were dressed the way they were, not to fit in, but because that was how they liked to dress and they were free to do so here. I was exhilarated by the gradual dawning that here, in this space, it was OK to just be me. And that people might even be interested in me, the real me. And that maybe the real me could try to express herself in new ways and have some fun even. I’ve kept coming back. Some people who first met me at one of my later BiCons might be surprised to hear what I’ve just said!”

“I was bowled over by the event. Everyone was so friendly and despite being involved a bit in the Bi community in London I had the most steepest and most enjoyable learning curve I’ve ever had. It was the beginning of me being me and accepting me and not being frightened of being bi. BiCon was the turning point from me creeping anxiously in to Gay pubs to feeling able to shout “Oi you! I’m bi and I’m proud!”“