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2 MAY 2018


Diverse Bisexuals are Descending on Salford

The highlight of the bisexual calendar, BiCon is coming to Greater Manchester in August. The event, which prides itself on its work on diversity, will be held from the 2nd to the 5th of August at University of Salford Peel Park Campus.

The event is a weekend-long educational and social gathering for bi people, friends, partners and allies. Several hundred attendees are expected, with around 25% attending for the first time.

BiCon has been held annually in a different part of the UK since 1984. This year will be the 36th event. It is one of the UK’s longest running LGBT events and the largest bi specific event in Europe. However, it remains entirely volunteer run with no formal funding. Despite this the event promises to be a celebration of intersectionality offering a warm welcome to everyone with an interest in bisexuality.

Rowan Alison, this year’s Team Lead explains: “We are working together to enable BiCon to be as diverse as possible. We don’t all use the labels “bi” or “bisexual” or even agree on what it means to be bi, but bisexuality is the common theme. The event prides itself on its access and inclusion policies and participants are very diverse. BiCons have been trans inclusive since the early 90s and are family friendly. However, we also acknowledge that prejudice, especially racism, remains an issue in all communities so we will continue to work hard on including and celebrating diversity and equality. There will be many fun activities suitable for all ages and there will be a creche provided. Even though it’s a UK event, people from Germany, Hungary and the Netherlands have already booked places.”

The BiCon programme promises to be as diverse as its attendees with sessions including a wide range of discussion sessions, community support groups, a Campfire Sing-a-long and a Standup & Comic Monologue Workshop.  

Tickets for the event are available from

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