Financial support

What is the Access Fund?

BiCon has a long history of making equality and access a priority within the limits of our volunteer and non-profit organisational structures. The Access Fund, also known as the Equality Fund, is provided through community donations and the surplus of previous BiCon events.

The Access Fund exists to make BiCon more possible for people who are experiencing a financial, accessibility or equality hardship.

There is also a small separate fund to offer bursary places to black and minority ethnic people – more information here.

BiCon 2018 welcomes donations for the Access Fund and BME Bursary
fund which can be made via PayPal directly with the button below.

Any surplus funds for this will be passed to future BiCons to be used in their access funds.

2018’s Access Fund decisions will be made separately from the main booking process, and applications will be anonymised to ensure to ensure no bias in the selection process.

Applying for the Access Fund and How It Works

You can apply for the Access Fund when you register for BiCon.

  • Fill in the booking form completely in the usual way by selecting the ticket price appropriate for your income.
  • Where the form says "I would like to apply to the Access Fund" tick "yes."
  • When you check out select the invoice option – you will not have to pay anything at this stage.
  • Your details will be sent to the Access Fund administrator who will send you the link to an application form.
  • When you send in your form your details will be anonymised so that the people deciding how much help to offer you don't see your name.
  • We will make you an offer based on the fund team's decision. This will usually take the form of some money off of your registration for BiCon.
  • We must agree to the level of help offered and pay your share of your registration fee to secure your place at BiCon.

Confidentiality of Applicants Information

Information supplied to the Access Fund team will be kept confidential with only applicants’ names being kept with a note of the year of application. This is to allow us to monitor what funding is requested and allocated over time. If information supplied could be useful to the BiCon team (e.g disability access requests) the Access Fund team will only pass that to the BiCon 2018 team with the express permission of the applicant.

Emails to and Access Fund applications will be acknowledged within 7 days of being sent.

How is Access Funding allocated?

As the Access Fund is limited and funded by individual donations we ask that all attendees pay something for their BiCon. An exception is that funding can be made available for the full costs of BiCon registration and accommodation for a PA/carer who is not attending any part of BiCon in their own right.

Other typical allocations might include:

  • Funding towards a percentage of accommodation and registration cost.
  • A reduction in income band if an applicant is not unwaged but is still experiencing hardship.

Fictional Applicants who may be helped by the Access Fund

  • Alex is a student studying in London who has large debts from university fees and loans for cost-of-living. Access Funding could be used to reduce Alex’s BiCon costs.
  • Tracey has just moved in with her partner Anna, and has not yet found a job locally. Anna works in a low-paid job at a supermarket. Friends and relatives have agreed to care for their two children, but they still cannot afford the full cost of two BiCon bookings. The Access Fund could be used to reduce Anna’s BiCon to the unwaged rate and provide some funding to reduce the full cost of BiCon for them.
  • Bobby has disabilities that mean that he needs some assistance during BiCon. Bobby’s friend Ahmed who identifies as bisexual has volunteered to provide part-time support to Bobbie in the mornings and nights at BiCon. Access Funding could provide partial funding of Ahmed’s BiCon.
  • David has recently lost his job, he is seeking unemployment benefits and looking for work. His benefits have not come through yet. Access Funding could be used to reduce some of the costs of BiCon.
  • Anita is deaf and has asked BiCon if they can help her with hearing people at BiCon plenaries and sessions. The Access Fund could be used to hire some equipment for her use at BiCon.