Physical access

There is a full access report on the venue here.

The Salford University venue has been revamped and refurbished in recent years and we hope it will be accessible to most attendees. It has:

  • All buildings close to each other, smooth paths between the building with no roads to cross, longest distance between building is 220m.
  • Wheelchair accessible bedrooms in the accommodation – there are a limited number of these, so let us know now if you will need one
  • Close to the city centre, if you prefer non-university accommodation.
  • A campus with a dedicated rail station, with lift access to the street.
  • Paved paths between all venues being used.
  • Disabled parking spaces reserved for blue badge holders in every car park .

There are also the basics that one would expect such as accessible toilets on the same floor as the workshops.

Known issues

As you know, there are always issues. Some that we have identified so far are:

  • The spaces in both the Chapman building and University House are spread out across three different floors with only one lift to each level and more than one lift is needed to get from top to bottom in each case. The venue have promised that all lifts will be serviced before our event.
  • Some of the lifts In Chapman House are platform lifts with buttons which need to be pressed and held to keep the lift moving.
  • One of the session rooms will be in lecture theatre format rather than completely flat seminar room style. There are spaces for wheelchairs in this room.
  • There is a smaller space within the bar which is up some steps and not accessible by lift. We will be using this for seating but not scheduling any separate activities in it.
  • The standard bedroom in the accommodation has limited space for moving round the bed.
  • There is a small step up to the showers in the standard accommodation.
  • There are a limited number of wheelchair accessible rooms in the accommodation and some of them are in blocks shared with other events. However they will still be in BiCon only flats.