Four weeks left to book on site accommodation!

It's the middle of May and the sun is shining, at least where I am, so that must mean you have only another four weeks to book your onsite rooms for BiCon 2018. We extended the closing date as far as we could, but you still need to book (and pay) by Wednesday 13th June if you want to stay on site, so head over to our bookings page and Do It. And if you've already booked make sure your friends know about it so they can come too!

If you're worried you won't be able to pay in full by 13th June do get in touch with us, as we may be able to extend payment time to the end of June or even further as long as we have agreed it with you in advance, but we can't afford to do that for everyone so if you can pay on time please do so the team can save their efforts for those who need it the most.

Also there is still some money left in the Access Fund so if you would not be able to attend BiCon otherwise there may be some financial assistance available. To apply for the fund just book for BiCon, tick the access fund box and select the invoice option at checkout. And don't worry, Access Fund applicants will not be charged for BiCon if they cancel by 13th June.

So go on, get those bookings in and make your BiCon team happy – you know you want to!

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