Leaving and end of BiCon 2018

Good morning BiConners!

Room checkout

You need to be out of your flats by 11am and keycards handed back to Delaney reception. There is an option to leave your luggage near Delaney Reception until you are ready to leave the site.

UPDATE: Change of plan! Luggage storage is now at Chapman House, Lecture Theatre 2. We're really sorry for the late change of plan!

Before leaving your flats, please wash up the crockery and pans, empty the fridges and cupboards and try not to forget any of your belongings.

Local travel information

There are no trains out of Salford Crescent station this morning as they have been turned into rail replacement buses.

With many people heading to Manchester Piccadilly it may be easier, more pleasant and not terribly expensive to coordinate with others and get taxis. Numbers are in your handbook.

For those travelling by car, there are some large local horse racing events in the local area so do allow extra time and make sure you're prepared for some traffic jams…

BiCon sessions/schedule

There are some lovely workshops running this morning, the first starting at 9:30am running for the usual 75 mins till 10:45 – then there is a longer break than usual (30 mins) to allow people to go back to flats and deal with luggage etc.

The second session starts at 11:15 and goes on till 12:30.

Closing plenary, photo, lunch and take-down

At 12:30 we have the closing plenary in the Red room (Lecture Theatre 3) where we'll be sadly saying goodbye to you all, thanking you for making BiCon what it is and giving out some cake awards to a small number of the people currently doing great work in various UK bi communities.

After that will be the BiCon photo by the large concrete head just outside Chapman building followed by lunch of whatever people have left over in their fridges — there is usually plenty as most of us buy more food than we need.

We welcome any volunteers who can help with any takedown activities after having some lunch. This will largely be carrying things (if you can), taking signage and BiCon things off the venue's walls and sometimes even simpler tasks like holding doors open for others. Please go to the desk or contact the desk phone if you can help. The more of us who help, the quicker the job gets done.


The weather forecast is for a high of 26C which in the UK is hot. Please remember to stay hydratred especially during BiCon take-down and travel. Apply appropriate sun protection for your needs. There are water fountains in Chapman for refilling waterbottles.

Feedback and Equality Forms

Don't worry if you've lost your paper feedback and Equality forms, we have online ones at the below links: