BiCon feedback, equalities monitoring and more

Feedback Forms

The BiCon team are already looking through feedback forms. We have an online feedback form if you didn't manage to complete a paper one.

This information will let 2018 team know what worked and what didn't work, it is one way of telling us about problems with our event and the results will guide future BiCon teams so they know what things they might try to include.

Equality and Diversity Monitoring Forms

We would also like people to complete our equality and diversity monitoring form as this will help us get a sense of the demographic data about attenders.

This will help us identify who is not being included, or who may be experiencing barriers that need removing. This information may also help future teams seek external funding for BiCons.

Venue issues

We are planning to contact the venue and accommodation provider to tell them about the multiple issues our attendees experienced at BiCon.

If you had any issues, whether they were resolved or not, please can you let us know by email on

  • the location of the issue,
  • what you did to try and fix it (even if that was nothing) and
  • what the final outcome was.
  • Can you email us even if you have put it on feedback as we have already spotted some issues we'd like to find more about.

    Concerns and Conduct

    We are still keen to receive information about any conduct issues, concerns or BiCon things which made you unhappy. We know (sometimes from personal experience ourselves) that you may feel you are 'over reacting' as that is a common feeling – but we do still want to know.

    You can tell us if you do or don't wish to discuss things further. We will let you know what we might be able to do, and even if that is limited at this time, it may be useful feedback for future teams, or give us something to reflect on about how we ran our BiCon.

    Can you email us about conduct concerns even if you have put it on feedback as we have already spotted some issues we'd like to find more about.

    The best way to contact us is by email – we will handle any reports in confidence.