How to book

Online booking will be available soon, or, if you don't want to book in advance, you'll be able to pay in cash without pre-booking at the event itself.

Your Needs

We realise that BiCon delegates are diverse in many different ways and we all have very different needs. We have some information about these in the access and equality section. Should you have any concerns, queries or suggestions please e-mail

Physical access

BiCon has a strong ethos of being as accessible as possible to people who are disabled or have health needs. We will also be publishing an access report before the event. The sooner we are aware of your needs the more likely we are to be able to provide appropriate information or support. If you are in doubt about any access issues, please e-mail

Queries about booking

If you have any further questions related to booking for BiCon 2018 that this page hasn’t answered, or if you have a query specific to your personal booking, please e-mail