How to pay

If you are booking for BiCon in advance, you can pay by PayPal, debit card, BACS or IBAN if you are not in the UK. We are unable to accept payments in cash except at BiCon 2013 itself. We would prefer to receive payments by debit card on the online booking/payment system.


Paying in instalments, or by BACS

If you wish to pay by instalments in order to spread out the cost, or by BACS, follow the instructions on the booking form.

Data Protection

We are aware that we have asked for some personal information from you in order to register for BiCon. We will restrict access to your full booking and contact information to team members handling bookings. Other information is only given out to non-bookings handling team on an as needs basis e.g sessions info to sessions coordinator, or access information to accessibility officer.

We will limit information about you at the registration desk to the minimum possible to ensure you get your passes, keys, and any other things that you may need.

We will only pass on your preferred name and email address to BiCon 2019 if you have ticked the box on the registration form agreeing to let us pass your information on to them.

If you have any questions about data protection, or if any information that we are asking for is making you feel reluctant to register for BiCon in any way, please e-mail and we will do our best to come to some agreement.

Queries about booking

If you have any further questions related to booking for BiCon 2012 that this page hasn’t answered, or if you have a query specific to your personal booking, please e-mail