Updates As We Go

Last minute announcements!

We can't make any promises as we are going to be running the BiCon but we will try and put important information in here under a heading of when we announced it – most recent first.


1:30pm – Chapman and passes
BiCon should have exclusive use of Chapman building today, but some of the students have not realised. You should be wearing your BiCon passes anyway, but we ask you keep them extra visible in Chapman as team will be asking people to show their badges and asking the students to leave.

1pm – Any accommodation issues
We are noting several reports of issues with the accommodation ranging from key trouble to lights turning off in showers and incomplete kitchen item provision. The best way to resolve these is to speak to Delaney reception (preferably before 6pm, when more qualified people are on duty).

Please if you have any of these issues, no matter how minor or if you have resolved them; let us, the BiCon team know by email on 2018@bicon.org.uk and indicate in the subject whether this is resolved or needs us to assist. Tell us your name, which flat and room you were in and any details. The reason we ask for this separate report, is that we wish to track how much these issues are actually happening and take that up more broadly with our venue and accommodation contacts.

11:30am – Lift between accommodation and carpark now fixed!

11:30am – Lift in University House (left hand side) for Purple Zone and accessible toilet – update
We have spoken to our venue contacts who promise us that the left hand side lift will not be swipe-only access tonight. The team made it very clear what the venue's obligations were in relation to this kind of issue.


9pm – Lift access to Purple zone
Due to some security issues the Venue has set the lift down to Purple Zone and the accessible toilet to be swipe access only. One of the team is in the Purple Zone and will quickly come and swipe people – just phone or SMS the desk phone on 07562 284685 and someone will come and let you. We are really sorry about this, it's a University issue and the local staff have done their best to help. This should only affect us today.

6pm – Delaney carpark lift faulty
The button on the lift between Delany car park and the accommodation is not working due to a broken call button. This has been reported to the accommodation provider who had called out their lift-engineers. We are not sure when this will be fixed even though they claim to work 24/7. We have asked the Accommodation Provider to put suitable signage explaining this and signposting the level access (but long) route for people to use which we are told will happen within the hour…

If this will cause you problems, call or SMS the desk phone on 07562 284685 and we will do our best to provide assistance. We will update this as soon as we know anything more.

6pm – Key cards
We have been advised there is a technical issue with (update: some of the credit card size/shaped keycards which means you may need to go to Delaney reception to get it reprogrammed/fixed if it will not let you into your block of flats. We have asked the person giving out keys to tell people this as well.

1pm – Bring a water bottle
The drinks machines in Chapman House have been vandalised and will not be repaired. We recommend that people bring refillable water containers as there are free 'water fountains' which people can use.