Evening entertainment

Thursday night at BiCon is generally fairly relaxed and laid back. It’s a chance to meet up with new and old friends, unpack and settle in. There will a bar and lounge area to enjoy, and as Salford is a campus venue, there are lots of grassy spaces to enjoy if you prefer to sit outside.

There will be a brief welcome and icebreaker game around 7pm, so if you don’t know anyone yet, you will soon! The bar is open till 11pm.

Friday night

In the Bar there will be a music jam session lead by an experienced performer from 8pm followed by the Silent Disco at 9.30pm . The bar will be open till 11pm.

Or if you prefer there is also a BiCon exclusive swim session from 8-10pm – meet at 8pm at the desk or join in at the Pool.

There will also be a storytelling circle either in the Purple Zone or outside depending on the weather.

On Saturday night the weekend culminates in the BiCon 2018 Ball, which this year is…

The Mythical Bisexual Ball

Bisexual erasure can make us feel like other bisexuals are just a myth so for one night only we’re taking our place and partying with the gods, heroes, fantastic beasts and all that is fabulously fantastic.

For people who love to dress up there are lots of costume ideas, from legends of ancient times to modern myths and our own fabulous and not-so-mythical selves.

Myths and Folklore – dragon, centaur, cyclops, elf, fairy, phoenix, satyr, troll, hero
Modern myths including aliens, cryptic beasts like Bigfoot, wizards and fantastic beasts, marvellous heroes
Mythical Bisexual – either a fantasy creation or your own fabulous self

The Ball kicks off with a performance from Regina Stubble. Regina's playful gender expression might surprise any crowd other than a BiCon one. Cheeky covers of pop classics and a witty stage presence will entertain, provoke and charm you.

After Regina's performance the BiCon DJ's will keep us dancing till late. The bar will be open till 1am.