Hello from your new BiCon 2018 team!

As you'll see in the announcement from BiCon Continuity Limited the three of us have taken over the job of making BiCon 2018 happen. I am Rowan Alison, and I'll be working with Carol Tierney and Steve Ratcliff.

We are visiting the Salford venue mid next week and once we have a better idea of what BiCon 2018 will look like we hope to be able to open some bookings on Thursday 12th April. The prices will remain the same as already announced. Once we have further information from the venue we will ensure the booking period is as long as possible and if needed it will be extended for those paying by installments.

We have received a number of fantastic offers of volunteering and support – those people who have contacted Continuity or the bicon2018@gmail.com email account should hear from us in the next two days.

If you have any questions please do email us on bicon2018@gmail.com – we cannot guarantee that we will see communications in other places. We will do our best to reply as quickly as we can but please do allow us a few days.

We look forward to making BiCon 2018 the best it can possibly be.

2 Replies to “Hello from your new BiCon 2018 team!”

  1. Hi, we're based in Salford and can potentially give advice on the local area etc. Disabilities etc affect the scope of what we can offer, but we may be able to manage some time on the front desk as well.

    Kit and Marnanel Thurman

  2. Thanks both of you that would be excellent – we'll will be in touch as soon as we've caught up with stuff a bit 🙂


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