The Grand Announcement of the BiCon Ball

Saturday night of BiCon is always a special occasion, and this year on Saturday 4th August we invite you to join us for… fanfare please…

The Mythical Bisexual Ball

Bisexual erasure can make us feel like other bisexuals are just a myth so for one night only we’re taking our place and partying with the gods, heroes, fantastic beasts and all that is fabulously fantastic.

For people who love to dress up there are lots of costume ideas, from legends of ancient times to modern myths and our own fabulous and not-so-mythical selves.

Myths and Folklore – dragon, centaur, cyclops, elf, fairy, phoenix, satyr, troll, hero
Modern myths including aliens, cryptic beasts like Bigfoot, wizards and fantastic beasts, marvellous heroes
Mythical Bisexual – either a fantasy creation or your own fabulous self

There's still time to get involved…

We are still looking for volunteer DJs, people to help decorate, bake cakes or make mythical snacks or any other suggestions you have to add to the fun. We'd love to hear from you, so please email Ball organiser Carol at

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